Mdenapoli The Golden Boy "Stinger" (Imp. UK)

Sire: UK Ch. Jumano Johnny Be Good (JW + BOB Crufts 2007)
Dam: daughter UK Ch. Mystyle Rolex
DNA tested


Sire of:
Canadian Ch. Iroc Dolce of the Tivoli Bulls
Canadian Ch. Ironside of the Tivoli Bulls

Peru Grand Ch. Indigo of the Tivoli Bulls
Maylasian Ch. Impact of the Tivoli Bulls
Canadian Ch. In Control Xazziam
Russian Ch. Jeremy of the Tivoli Bulls
Russian, RKF Ch. King of Ring of the Tivoli Bulls
Indian Ch. Glimmer Friends Hot to Handle
Russian, RKF Ch. Konstantin of the Tivoli Bulls
Jr. Ch. of Russia Leon of the Tivoli Bulls

and more CC/point winning dogs, to be announced as soon as their title is official...
Pics from the new Bulldog Calendar 2010 (made spring 2009)
Stinger at his first show.....
Winter 2008/2009 Stinger is maturing into a strong nice male...
Stinger is a powerful young male with a beautiful head, deep chest and solid bone structure. His character is playfull and loyal and when the girls come around... a true male.
Summer 2008
Mdenapoli The Golden Boy "Stinger"
UK. Ch. Jumano Johnny
Be Good (JW)
UK Ch.& WW Merriveen Make My Day
Jumano Jennifer Juniper
UK Ch. Esclusham Golden
Chimes of Wencar
Merriveen Milady
UK Ch. Merriveen Rough n' Ready
UK Ch. Jumano Justina Flurry


Lola's Spirit
UK Ch.Mystyle Rolex
Baby Banshee
Ringablock Macdonald
Mystyle Shinning Star
Terlingfair His-nibbs Mystyle
Fancy Flora Bronorn