Arellana Fenix "Nora" (Imp. BY)
as youngster
Dam: Ch. Thats my Baby of the Tivoli Bulls
Sire: Ch. Cornwall my Gal-Bull

Here as adult female 2023

Nora is beautiful female, with breedtypical head, great body. A wonderful personality and one of the best mothers of the world...

Above as puppy and below with her 1st litter of 8 gorgeous puppies!
Nora had the time of her life with her puppies. As said above one of the best moms
in the world...
Kept a beautiful female pup out of her, thats for the future.

Ch. Thats my Baby of the Tivoli Bulls

Multi Ch. Errol-Flynn Jubilee
Red Pepper of the Tivoli Bulls
Ch. Rembombory Michelli
Ch. Casablanca Jubilee
Ch. Ricatori King of Meljane
Knock-Knock of the Tivoli Bulls "Abby"


Ch. Cornwall My Gal-Bull

Multi Ch. Massimo my Gal-Bull

Buono Papperdelle my Gal-Bull
Multi Ch. Mikantribe Gibson
Lisett Grin Grey
Luvipride Ironman

Alma Rey my Gal-Bull