Close to perfection....

WW 2009 & Multi Champion Faith of the Tivoli Bulls "Ginger"

our Pride and Joy....

Sire: Calibra Calvin Klein "Mike"
Dam: Campari of the Tivoli Bulls "Kim"
Born 07-05-2006

Dutch Junior Champion
Dutch Champion
Belgium Champion
International Champion

VDH Champion
Luxembourg Champion
Bulldog of the Year 2007 (Holland)
Bundersiegerin 2008 BOB
Europasiegerin 2009
German Champion
Bundessiegerin 2009 BOB
Winster Amsterdam 2009
Group Winner
Club Winner 2010
1x Best Junior in Show

10 Oct. 2009 in Bratislava gained Ginger the World Champion title under breedspecialst Mr. Victor van Raamsdonk
Thanks for the unfortable day...

On 28 Nov. 2009 at the Amsterdam Winner show Ginger won under Mr. Ove Germundson (Swe) CAC + CACIB (Beste female) BOS and the Amsterdam Winner 2009 title

A judging report from a well respected breed specialist:
"2 years old white female, perfect head, perfekt front, perfekt topline, perfect ribs/chest, perfect angulation backhand, a compact and wonderful female, perfect movement".
Mrs.Petra Grell
Faith of the Tivoli Bulls "Ginger" takes the cover of the Bulldog Calendar 2010

Bulldog of the Year 2007
at 6 Jan. 2008 Holland another glorious day!

Faith of the Tivoli Bulls "Ginger" won Bulldog of the Year 2007 Title in the Netherlands under breed specialists Kevin Davis (Mystyle UK) Pat Davis (Ocobo UK) and Chris Carberry (Berrybrook UK)

On 9 December 2007 at the Dogachtigen Show at Den Bosch NL
Ginger won CAC and BOB with an entry of 107 Bulldogs!


here pictured gaining BOB under judges Mrs. Pat. Perkins (Quintic, UK), who judged the females, and Mrs. Petra Grell-Hansohmn (Simplissimus, D) judged the males.

A big thank you to the judges!

at 15 months old

25 March 2007 out of Junior Class (10 months old) Ginger won
CAC - Best Bitch (BOS)
and her 2nd junior CAC under breedspecialist Mr. Bas Bosch (NL) Int. Dogshow Leiden, Holland

On 18 March 2007 2nd time out at Wieze/Aalst, Belgium....
Best Junior in Breed, Best female and Best of Breed!

under judge Mr. Brian Taylor (UK), but there's more....

On the same day she won Best Junior in Show from all breeds under judge
Mr. P. Roosenboom (B)..... way to go girl!