In Memory of Isgraig Bendingo Boy "Bandit"

Multi champion Isgraig Bendingo Boy "Bandit"

33 CC's 3 x Best in Show
Belgium, Dutch, International, German, VDH, Luxembourg Champion
Europa-jugend Sieger, Saarlandsieger, Europasieger, Bundessieger 95 + 96, Belgian Winner, Winner Amsterdam, Clubwinner Holland,Clubwinner Germany.

Bendingo boy is distinguished by his muscular and strong body, his large jaw, his sourly looks and his unforgettable honest character!


"our pride and joy for many years"

On the 27th January 2004 Bandit passed away in his sleep. He was nearly 10,5 year old. Its seems like yesterday that we saw him for the first time. He was then only 9 weeks old. His big paws and chest stood out in his litter indicating his remarkable disposition.

All your life you were quite a character. A real "alpha-dog" who was honest, open and very self-assured. All these qualities shone out in the ring where you won many prizes. It must be said and remembered that you won these many prizes through these shining qualities.

However this is only a part of your story. You did a tremendous amount of good for your breed. Those who knew you or who adopted your puppies appreciate and value this highly. I think justly that you have contributed enormously to the health and reputation of the Bulldog.

Thank you Bandit, you made our kennel what it is today, without you it would never have happened. All your life you were a magnificient dog on the inside as well as the outside. We shall never forget you. You remain our pride and joy in every way.
We shall remember you always.......

Hans and Anneke



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